Drone quadrocopter with high resolution digital camera. New tool for aerial photo and video.

Couple in love bride and groom. View from above on background of pavement tile. Big Hem of bridal white dress with lace

Soar to new heights with HOVER VIP Aerial Drone Photography!

Hover VIP is up and away for 2016! Introducing our Phantom 3 Pro Drone, capable of beautiful views! With it’s 4K TV quality camera, we can capture your big event. Whether you need still photos for real estate, overhead wedding video or photos, sporting event footage, or family reunions, Hover VIP is your eye in the sky!

Our Hover VIP service includes:

4K TV Quality HD Camera

Skilled Drone Photographer

A Variety of Editing Options Including:

  • Raw Video
  • Still Footage
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Live Stream

Check out our PRICING page for more information, or CONTACT US with any questions.