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20 of the Coolest Places to Get Married in St. Louis

The day you tie the knot should be anything but ordinary — which is why we’ve dug up some of the most amazing places in St. Louis for you to get hitched. From holy to hipster, quirky to cool, the venues are the perfect backdrop for saying your vows. You’ll be saying “I do” to one of them before you know it.

Schlafly Tap Room
Yes, one of your favorite local breweries has the ideal space for your wedding. The Club Room at Schlafly Tap Room not only has its original indoor brick walls and its own private bar — it also has a balcony and 12-foot windows showing off a gorgeous skyline.

The Butterfly House
If you’re a fan of nature’s only appealing insect, you can get hitched in a house full of them! Located in Faust Park, The Butterfly House in Chesterfield will make your wedding a beautiful change of pace.

The Magic House
If you want a fun-filled wedding where you can even let out your inner child at the reception, hit up the Magic House. You remember going there as a child; now spend the day you will never forget there as well. With beautiful indoor and outdoor venues and plenty of interactive activities, the Magic House will make for the perfect wedding venue for the kid at heart.

The Corner Gates
Equal parts unique and stunningly beautiful (just check out that 13-foot chandelier!), the Corner Gates makes for a perfect space for private events — including your wedding. Located in the Lemp Brewery Complex, the Corner Gates served as the stables for the brewery back in the 19th century. You’ll get a dose of history along with a touch of elegance when you set the scene for your wedding here.

Peabody Opera House
Take center stage in St. Louis’ historic Peabody Opera House. Named one of the best wedding venues in America three years in a row by Brides Magazine, the Peabody Opera House is certifiably a great location for any couple looking to feel fancy on their special day.

Union Station
Who wouldn’t want to get married at the Greatest Station in the Nation? With indoor venues like the luxurious grand hall or outside with a grand view of the historic train station, St. Louisans will feel right at home having a wedding here. Plus, the renovations coming to the train park in the next year will enhance the experience even more.

Centene Center for the Arts
With equal parts art, history and awesome architecture, the Rialto Ballroom and Atrium at the Centene Center for the Arts will easily win your heart. Admire the detailed iron work and Italian marble corridors as you head up to the forth floor, where there will be plenty of room for dinner and dancing. And did we mention the rooftop terrace, which has a view of the St. Louis skyline? Yeah, you’ll love that, too.

The Science Center
Having a wedding under the stars is nearly impossible to do in a city full of lights like St. Louis, but once again, science can provide the solutions to our problems. The St. Louis Science Center features the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, which will put your wedding directly under 9,000 sparkling stars and even glowing planets.

Botanical Gardens
The appeal of most outdoor weddings is that you are surrounded by nature — and it doesn’t get much more natural than the Botanical Gardens. Home to some of the most stunning plants in the world, this venue will make your wedding day a breathtaking showcase of nature — though we don’t recommend it for those with bad allergies.

Koken Art Factory
Art shows, comedy, live music — Koken Art Factory does it all. So it should come as no surprise that this unique event space also makes for the perfect quirky-cool venue for your wedding.

The Weingarten
If having the ceremony and reception in the same venue is high on your priority list, a winery just might be your perfect fit. Missouri is full of great wineries thanks to Hermann and Augusta, but we’re also big fans of The Weingarten in Belleville. Surrounded by woods, cornfields and a lake, The Weingarten will make for a beautiful venue and stunning photos. Top the whole affair off with excellent wine, and it makes for the perfect day.

The Gateway Arch
Gateway to the West? More like gateway to a lifetime of happiness! There is not a more St. Louis thing you could do than get married under the most significant monument in the city.

Jefferson Underground
If you’re all about a good view, Jefferson Underground may just be your place. This rooftop party venue is anything but typical with decor inspired by Mississippi River folklore and Greek mythology. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, a stage, an open-hearth fireplace, a bar, a dance floor and a catering area, Jefferson Underground has it all.

The Jewel Box
If a breathtaking view is what you’re looking for on your wedding day, look no further than the Jewel Box in Forest Park. This greenhouse displays thousands of varieties of both local and exotic plants. The all-glass windows and ceiling allow the perfect amount of sunlight in, making any couple shine as they take their vows.

Busch Stadium
The home of the Cardinals is obviously a great place to get a beer and watch a great game, but Busch Stadium is also a great place to get hitched. With a number of packages offered, saying “I do” in the coveted home of baseball’s best team is more of a reality than you would think.

City Museum
The most fun place in St. Louis could also be the most meaningful to you. The City Museum downtown offers 4 unique sections of the museum where you can tie the knot. Whether it is in their elegant vault room or on the legendary first floor mezzanine, the City Museum can be the perfect wedding destination for any couple.

St. Louis Zoo
The zoo isn’t just the best place in St. Louis to see animals from around the world — it’s also a prime location to tie the knot! With 11 different serene venues offered throughout the zoo, this location is bound to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

St. Francis Xavier College Church
While there is certainly no shortage of gorgeous churches in St. Louis, St. Francis Xavier College Church is one of the most architecturally brilliant and beautiful churches this city has to offer. If you are looking for a more traditionally religious ceremony, then this church located on St. Louis University’s campus may be the perfect place.

Third Degree Glass Factory
Third Degree Glass Factory is just too cool of a space for any event (we should know — RFT has hosted an event here, too). From rehearsal dinners to ceremonies to receptions, Third Degree Glass Factory has you covered. You can even take the traditional unity ceremony to a new level with a glass ceremony.

Four Seasons St. Louis
The Four Seasons offers banquet room options for your wedding. The coolest venue at the hotel, however, is on the 8th floor terrace right outside of the restaurant Cielo. With elegant pools and canopies, along with a picture-perfect view of the Arch right behind you, your outdoor wedding will be unforgettable.

For more places to get married in St. Louis, please visit RiverFrontTimes.com.

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